Did Apple Just Prove the iPhone Could be Cheaper? - WAN Show September 17, 2021
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Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at https://www.freshbooks.com/wan Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps are off by a couple of minutes due to sponsor change.) [0:00] Chapters. [1:31] Intro. [1:56] Colton blames Geoff for no sponsors. [4:06] Topic #1: Apple's annual September event.     5:57 A15 specs & Geekbench result.     9:35 ProRes enabled on iPhone 13 Pro.     13:56 iPhone & iPad Mini improvements.     15:22 Lightning vs USB C.     17:36 iPad Mini is a bigger iPhone.     20:33 iPad 9th Gen & Apple Watch Series 7.     21:34 Apple sued for "Sherlocking" apps.     29:34 Issues with OLED displays on Windows. [36:26] Sponsors.     36:40 Seasonic's Ultra Titanium PSUs.     37:51 Honey Promo Codes.     38:50 Ridge Wallet. [40:04] Topic #2: LG 325-Inch 8K "Whole Wall" TV.     41:32 DVLED Home Theater Cinema TV.     44:20 LG's peak watt usage & other specs.     49:38 Different modules for TV models.     55:14 Responding to chat regarding purchases.     1:00:20 AirBnB & other leisure renting. [1:04:55] Topic #3: FloatPlane early-access REMOVED. [1:07:07] LTTstore new merch. [1:08:18] Topic #4: Sennheiser's new HD 8xx. [1:11:38] Superchats & discussing Framework. [1:30:35] Wrapping up. [1:31:23] Outro.
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