Pre-Built PCs Are About to get MUCH Worse - WAN Show October 1, 2021
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Change the way you address patching concerns with rebootless QEMU/KVM patching at  Get 30% off list price and 30% off onboarding at  Save 10% off your Savage Jerky order today with code WANSHOW21 at Check out our other Podcasts: Carpool Critics Movie Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) [0:00] Chapters. [1:21] Intro. [1:51] Topic #1: Windows 11 VBS harms gaming performance.     3:18 Virtual machine & hardware issues.     7:46 Affected games & change in performance.     9:52 VBS is not mandated on custom builds.     13:03 Switching to Linux challenge.     17:32 Issues with daily driving Linux.     20:15 Polling which distro to use. [25:23] Sponsors.     25:27 TuxCare QEMU & KVM patching.     27:01 Graphus anti-phishing cloud software.     28:22 Savage Jerky. [32:27] Topic #2: Valve's "Deckard" VR headset.     35:11 Going standalone in the VR market.     37:46 Pricing of Valve products.     42:37 Poll: Which Distro should Linus use?     45:22 Tim Cook meeting with EU competition chief. [46:48] Topic #3: Amazon's "Astro" house robot.     48:24 Criticism towards the robot.     48:52 Pricing & specs. [52:06] LTTstore new merch & site redesign. [52:56] Superchats. [57:20] Topic #4: Asus's RTX 3070 with Noctua fans. [58:20] Topic #5: Silicon Lottery closing. [59:14] Topic #6: Steam disables downloading older builds. [1:00:27] Topic #7: Dune Case has not shipped yet. [1:01:04] Outro.
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Published 12/07/21
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