This webtoon is close to our hearts and is one of the most special stories we've read. Skate!!! Fire 100, a story about skateboarding, summer, and friendship, recently wrapped its series finale, and in today's episode, we're looking back on some of our favorite and most special moments of the series. The ones that made us cackle with laughter, moments we sobbed over that wrung our hearts out, and the heartfelt times that the kids in this webtoon spent with each other and the sport they...
Published 12/09/20
One of the funniest webtoons we've ever read, this week on the pod we're discussing Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell by Unfins. Light spoilers for seasons 1 and 2. Follow the artist: Twitter: www.twitter.com/unfins IG: www.instagram.com/unfinstory Connect with us:Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom IG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom Email: [email protected]
Published 12/03/20
Heart-palpitating, dramatic, and achingly romantic, Children of the Night by Yuugiarts is back for season 3! One of our favorite webtoons, the story is set in Victorian England and features a distinct vampire society, a headstrong heroine, and a compelling central love triangle with incredible chemistry. Join us as we break down seasons 1 and 2 of this Canvas gem. SPOILERS included. Follow the artist:Twitter: www.twitter.com/yuugiartsIG: www.instagram.com/yuugiarts Connect with us: Twitter:...
Published 11/25/20
This week we're talking about a few webtoons we've been reading recently. NO SPOILERS in this episode, so get comfy and join us as we discuss our overall thoughts and impressions on each work. Timestamps included below to help you navigate::42 - Lore Olympus2:35 - In the Bleak Midwinter8:40 - Falling in the Blue10:52 - Da Yomanville Gang14:15 - Yuna and Kawachan16:24 - Unholy Blood20:30 - Thornstone22:39 - The Makeup Remover24:35 - Misc Webtoons/ThoughtsToaster Dude concludes with its series...
Published 11/17/20
WEBTOON recently announced WEBTOON Studios as well as partnerships with several production companies. What does this mean for webtoons and any upcoming TV shows or movies? Will and Kruti discuss. Connect with us: Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom IG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom Email: [email protected]
Published 11/14/20
Join us this week as we talk about the recently wrapped Season 1 of SubZero by Junepurrr. Slow-burning enemies to lovers romance, epic dragon lore, and a shadowy assassin organization — there's a lot to get into this week. SPOILERS for all of Season 1. Follow the author: @junepurrrConnect with us: Twitter: www.twittter.com/thewebtoonroom IG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom Email: [email protected]
Published 11/10/20
Heist mission turned comedy shenanigans. Forced proximity in a storage room. Midnight dates in the most romantic (er, gruesome) part of town? Trademark Purple Hyacinth. This week we're recapping all the juicy happenings in episodes 58-65 from Purple Hyacinth by Sophism and Ephemerys. Spoilers (obviously) for the webtoon.  Connect with us: Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroomEmail: [email protected]
Published 11/03/20
Is magic real? We don't know, but we certainly felt it while reading Miriam Bonastre Tur's Hooky. From its beautiful art, to its lovable characters, Hooky is one of our all-time favorite webtoons (and we don't say that lightly). This episode was a treat for us to make and we hope it's a treat for you to listen to. Spoilers for the entire series.Follow the author: @miriambonastreConnect with us:Instagram: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroomTwitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomEmail:...
Published 10/27/20
This week we're covering Sam Braggs' unique unicorn zombie apocalypse tale, Hooves of Death. This webtoon features a big blend of mythologies, a touching found family story, and a fun and gripping adventure romp. As always, spoilers for all of season 1. Connect with us!Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroomEmail: [email protected]
Published 10/20/20
Tense, sexy, suspenseful — The Wolfman of Wulvershire strikes again. This murder mystery by K. Oliver is a wonderfully fun, sexy adventure to read, filled to the brim with flirty chemistry, family secrets, and a gruesome myth that may or may not be very real. We get into all of it in this podcast episode. WARNING! Spoilers for Season 1. Connect with us:Email: [email protected]: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom 
Published 10/13/20
It's time to say farewell to Cati and Andreas. I'll miss them so much, but this series finale was a perfect goodbye.We've been so lucky to read their journey from the beginning of their courtship and flirtation to the satisfying, sweet peek into their long life adventure. This episode is a tribute to the wonderful Miss Abbott and the Doctor and what made their love story a joy to read. Spoilers for the entire series. Connect with us:Twitter: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom IG:...
Published 10/06/20
Do you like making friends? Do you like having fun? Sounds like Band is perfect for you.This week, we're discussing Brass and Sass by Antlerella, a sweet, feel-good band romance. This webtoon has sparkling characters and bubbly chemistry, all set in a lovingly crafted high school band environment. Join us as we share our thoughts and breakdowns on season 1. SPOILERS INCLUDED! Connect with us!Email: [email protected]: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG:...
Published 09/29/20
This week we're talking about and offering recommendations on some of the webtoons we've been reading recently. NO SPOILERS in this episode, so you can get comfy and join us as we discuss our overall thoughts and impressions on each work. Timestamps included below to help you navigate! 1:02 - SubZero5:14 - Eleceed9:24 - Fantasies Are Reality’s Tears10:56 - Hooves of Death14:15 - Space Boy20:24 - When Tangents Meet22:45 - Thornstone24:23 - Crumbs28:00 - Misc Webtoons/ThoughtsWolfman of...
Published 09/22/20
Heartbreak, betrayal, falling in love...the gods are just like us. This week on the pod we cover season 1 of Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe, a modern retelling of an ancient tale.Join us as we explore the characters and relationships that comprise this webtoon's rich world, including the budding, epic romance between Hades and Persephone. Warning: spoilers included for episodes 1-115. Connect with us!Email: [email protected]: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG:...
Published 09/15/20
Guys, we really love Purple Hyacinth. It's a fantastic webtoon and has come back with a BANG for season 2. In this episode we're recapping chapters 50-57 and discussing our theories, thoughts, and hopes for some of our favorite characters. Spoilers as always! --Connect with us:Email: [email protected]: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroom IG: www.instagram.com/thewebtoonroom 
Published 09/09/20
Have you ever wondered what happens to souls after they die? Join us this week as we explore the gray world of I'm the Grim Reaper, a story about a girl who escapes the punishment of hell to be a Grim Reaper on Earth. Our analysis will focus on season 1, but we may offer non-spoilery points from season 2 as both of us are current on the series.We hope you enjoy this episode! Spoilers through season 1. --Connect with us: Email: [email protected]: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG:...
Published 09/01/20
Ships, sleepovers, and sexytimes. Join us this week while we discuss the recently concluded season 2 of Let's Play by Mongie. We'll be covering all of season 2 (with some mentions of  season 1) and of course, offering our thoughts on the spicy, spicy finale. Spoilers will be included, so be warned!  --Connect with us: Email: [email protected]: www.twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: @thewebtoonroom
Published 08/25/20
Published 08/25/20
Honest, forthcoming, and unabashedly attracted to one another — Chiko and Nobi are one of our favorite webtoon couples. Join us as we cover Unlovable Replacement by Nylana and talk about the wonderful ships and characters that populate this story. Review through chapter 38. Spoilers included! --Connect with us:Email: [email protected]: https://twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: @thewebtoonroom
Published 08/18/20
Yeahhhh it's back! We love Purple Hyacinth and it was a no brainer to discuss it this week. The webtoon is back for season 2, but we are only discussing season 1 during this episode. Spoilers ahead, beware! --Connect with us:Email: [email protected]: https://twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: @thewebtoonroom
Published 08/11/20
We're getting into all things Cursed Princess Club with this episode, covering seasons 1 and parts of season 2. Fair warning! There will be spoilers. --Connect with us:Email: [email protected]: https://twitter.com/thewebtoonroomIG: @thewebtoonroom
Published 08/01/20