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Today I have a special Q&A podcast just for YOU!  I’m answering questions I received from a recent Instagram post (click here to view it) about how many calories you need in a day. As I read over those questions, I will answer them to clarify and offer other points that might be helpful, especially to those who are currently struggling with food.
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Hello and welcome to The Binge Eating Dietitian Podcast!   Today, I am answering questions around weight gain in recovery from binge eating, from missing periods, or from any form of disordered eating, food anxiety, restrictive eating.
Published 12/01/21
Today I have a very special guest, a past client of mine, Amanda. She has been in recovery for over a year. For Amanda, it was important to keep remembering what led to her food restriction and binges. To get through the worst parts of her recovery, Amanda focused on just that. Amanda shares her...
Published 11/24/21