Vulnerable Women Beyond Foster Care with Jessica Brown
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What happens to women when they leave foster care?  Most often these women are left vulnerable and need to find their way without much support or care. Jessica Brown is a women making a huge difference in the live of women coming out of the foster care system. Jessica is the founder of the Warrior Woman Foundation which provides holistic evidence-based support programs for under represented vulnerable young Australian women aged 17-25. This episode will open up your mind to the possibilities of what can be achieved with the right mentoring and support. In this episode you’ll also hear about; Thinking about ‘where are they now?’ the young people you may have encountered that a were vulnerable as you were growing up Jessica talks about abusive relationships Why it’s imperative for women to find and develop financial literacy and how to do this How to create self confident and resilient women post trauma And so much more - this episode will leave you feeling proud of the amazing things women can do. Connect with Jessica via See for privacy information.
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