Losing weight with compassion with Dr Adrienne Youdim MD
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The idea of needing to focus on weight management can feel like an epic chore and Dr Adrienne Youdim is no stranger to supporting her patients to lose weight. But Dr Adrienne discovered something - a common thread that existed amongst her patients that was working against their weight loss. In this episode she discusses what she believes to be the key secret to really shedding the weight we may carry - be it physical and emotional. This episode goes deep and Adrienne shares about;  Why current weight loss culture of quick fixes is a lie How the weight we carry is not just physical and why our current strategies fail us time and time again What to really focus on when it's time to focus on being healthy Why the medical system has failed patients How only with awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion can we address our true hunger Why staying judgement free helps our success Just how to live a healthy lifestyle when life gets too busy and we feel like we're back at the start again Connect with Dr Adrienne Youdim at hungryformore.net or on Instagram @dradrienneyoudim See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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