Searching for Happiness with Dr Dain Heer
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Just a heads up that this episode briefly discusses suicide and childhood abuse. If you're struggling you can always call Lifeline on 13 11 14. On a random Wednesday 22 years ago, Dr Dain Heer gave up all hope. He surrendered and gave himself an expiration date - if something didn't rapidly change in 6 months, he was going to end his life. After living with years of abuse as a child, Dain always knew there was a different possibility, he just hadn't quite figured out how to access it. In this episode Dain shares his own experience in turning his life around in a remarkable and inspiring way - something we can all tap into. He shares tools we can implement right now to change our own trajectory. Dain dives deep into; Why you actually can't (and shouldn't) fake it until you make it and how this is literally lying to yourself - because subconsciously you know it not to be true What is access consciousness - the tool that turned his life around in 1 hour and 15 minutes Why people are always greater than they think they are How to find the true you What exactly happened in that 1 hour 15min session How to embrace and not resist the down times Why comparison is a trap and leaves us in a perpetual state of judgement How we can parent our children in a way that is without judgment to allow our children to grow and thrive By treating our children as aware beings they can choose what they want and how to create their own lives How we can begin to love ourselves right now Two tools Dain shares: How to change your vibe: Since we pick up 98% of our thoughts from other people, we must ask ourselves "who does this (thought) belong to?" and return to sender. How to change upset feelings: Take it as "an interesting point of view - I have this point of view." This helps us take a step back and avoid the avoidance. You can listen to Dain explain it in detail in the last 5 minutes of the episode. Connect with Dain: (May 22) Instagram: @dainheer   See for privacy information.
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