How to Manifest Your Best Self with Jordanna Levin
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Jordanna previously considered herself a self help junkie. From food writer and recipe developer to 'self help' guru, Jordanna has written the books that still sit in the self help section. However, she realised that we don't need to fix ourselves but that we all have the tools within to find our own self awareness and make it our superpower to be our best and get the most out of our own life. In this episode Jordanna talks about; why it is so important to develop self awareness which includes our strengths and weaknesses the 6 aspects to self why curiosity matters and how asking our self questions is so important understanding what our own values are and why they are so important to define how you can use your weaknesses as a superpower There's so much packed into this episode. Connect with Jordanna on Instagram or via her website     See for privacy information.
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