How to finally hack weight loss with Stu Schaefer
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Weight management is something we all ‘feel’ something about. Whether we want to learn how to finally shed the kilos and maintain it, or we want to feel optimal in the skin we are in, it is important to understand why diets don’t work and why what you’ve previously done wasn’t sustainable. Stu Schaefer is a weight loss expert and he is here to smash through some truths to help women feel amazing. After all, we are all different and we should love ourselves no matter what, but being of optimal health really is the aim of the game. Stu specifically shares; How he figured out his three step system after years of doing what everybody else did but saw it wasn’t working nor was it sustainable The secret to weight loss lies in simple chemical reactions Why weight loss the second time around doesn’t seem to work (you’ve lost it, gained it and now can’t lose it again) What is repressed metabolic syndrome and how it shuts down fat burning What is Thermogenesis and how you can switch your body to burn fat easily How a lot of healthy foods aren’t actually healthy on their own What happens as we age and is age a factor in weight management Why so many people are experiencing Thyroid issues How to exercise smarter for weight loss, MTHFR and other autoimmune issues Why mindset matters so much Connect with Stu - See for privacy information.
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