Unlocking your unique style with Meranda Herft
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For some, unlocking style may seem superficial.  But to Meranda, the holistic stylist, style shouldn’t put any negative ideas into a woman's (or man’s) mind. Your style is more about who you are not what you wear.  n this episode Meranda helps us think outside the square of ‘fashion’ and more into how we can show up each day feeling our best. She shares more about: Her 20+ years experience in the fashion industry and what she discovered was missing How style is about feeling good What it means to be a holistic stylist Why we are so connected to size but it actually doesn’t matter Why we can let go of trends since they don’t work for the majority and how to find the ‘goldilocks’ of style What is a wardrobe cleanse and why do you need one? How to ’shop your wardrobe’ How you can finally make your clothes mean something and how they are a beautiful self expression How you can allow your style to show who you are rather than who you are not What a capsule wardrobe looks like Connect with Meranda the Holistic Stylist: https://www.instagram.com/styledbymeranda/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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