When Conception Doesn't Go To Plan with Melissa Ambrosini
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In a world where we spend most of our time trying not to fall pregnant, discovering it isn't as simple as we were told can be confronting, lonely and over time it becomes stressful and disheartening. Best-selling Author and Podcaster Melissa Ambrosini shares her own story from the preparation of her conception and through her own journey into parenthood.   In her rawness she also talks about; The different version of self when becoming a mother and how she now 'get's it' After birth - how we are always talking about 'bouncing back' but in truth, there's no going back and there shouldn’t be How your love grows exponentially when you have children in a way you never knew you could be expanded The season of parenthood being the season of devotion Her favourite saying - "humans make plans and God laughs" and how this became true in her own conception journey How she approached fertility and pregnancy without fear, but fear set in when she still hadn’t fallen pregnant after 18 months The yearning and how she, like many women, ended up living their life in two week increments How the surrender happened The work involved in reconnecting as a couple and how this is so difficult when we’re in the midst of trying for a baby Plus so many more words of wisdom and truth bombs.   To access Mel's new program, find out more about her work and get a copy of my book Well and Good as promised head to www.natkringoudis/wholymama.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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