Does your Lymphatic System really matter? With Bee Czarnota
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Just how important is your Lymphatic System? According to Lymphatic Massage Expert Bee Czarnota, it is the unsung hero. In this episode you’ll learn just what your lymphatic system does, how it’s role is critical to your overall health and tips you can add to your daily regime to support it so that you can feel amazing. Bee chats about; * How she started in the lymphatic space before it was well known or well understood * Why the Lymphatic System is the unsung hero  * What happens when Lymph becomes stagnant and how it becomes toxic  * Why body brushing correctly is so important and how everybody gets it so wrong * What is different about the Beetox Method and how it varies from traditional lymphatic treatments  * 5 things you can do today to support your lymphatic system   Connect with Bee - and on Instagram. See for privacy information.
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