Can we all just be nicer? With Cecelia and Nat
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 The world feels a lot crazier with the pandemic, people seemingly suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and trying to find the balance between life before Covid and now.  In this episode Cecelia and Nat catch up on what has been happening, observations of human behaviour and their ideas on how we can make life a little better.  They also share some of their favourite hacks and reads right now and of course a whole lot of banter too.   See for privacy information.
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Compulsive thinking was something Nick grew up with.  He knew he didn’t fit it, but he didn’t know how to navigate feeling different. At some point, things spiralled out of control and Nick found himself in the midst of what he now sees as his wake up call - a very dangerous car accident with his...
Published 09/15/21
Mandy and Kate are two mums with a total of 8 children between them. Included in their brood are children with extra needs, and when the pair realised there wasn't much support available for mother’s in their position they started their own podcast to connect with others called “Too Peas in a...
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Spiritual Teacher and new author, Grigoria Kritsptelis joins The Wellness Collective as a guest to talk bout her new book God is Me. In this episode she discusses religion and how she views the evolution of organised religion as well as discusses how we can live more in the moment to change the...
Published 08/30/21