Too Peas in a Podcast with Mandy and Kate
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Mandy and Kate are two mums with a total of 8 children between them. Included in their brood are children with extra needs, and when the pair realised there wasn't much support available for mother’s in their position they started their own podcast to connect with others called “Too Peas in a Podcast.” In this episode Cecelia and Nat have an open and honest chat about; + what has been most challenging for them in the past 18 months + how support of the collective has been so essential to navigating parenting children, especially those with extra needs + what’s in store for the future + how it feels that people actually are onboard with their message and being nominated for Australian of The Year + And of course laughs, tears and a lot of rawness. Find Mandy and Kate at and get a copy of their latest book - The Invisible Life Of Us at all book stores. See for privacy information.
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