The first episode from COMMONS newest season on cults. Click here to follow COMMONS, wherever your get your podcasts. As organized religion declines in countries like Canada, we’ve experienced an explosion of what some call religious movements and what others call cults. The idea of cults has become an omnipresent part of our discourse. But what even is a cult? And why have we become so intrigued by these groups? And the language of cults has moved beyond just religion into so many different...
Published 10/18/23
Published 10/18/23
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Published 10/05/23
Love it or hate it, hockey is inescapable in Canada. But the sport has a dark side. From violence and racism on the ice, to corruption, cover-ups and abuse off of it. In the latest season of COMMONS, host Arshy Mann and producers Jordan Cornish and Noor Azrieh will be bringing you stories from inside the cult of hockey. The new season launches on May 24th. Follow COMMONS on your favourite podcast app. If you’re a Canadaland supporter, you can get access to episodes a week early! Become a...
Published 05/10/23
Meet David Wallace, political fixer and dirty tricks operative.    After a career in the shadows, he’s turned whistleblower, leaking his files and sparking a conspiracy theory.    But why? And can he be trusted?   Written and reported by Jesse Brown and Cherise Seucharan Audio editing and sound design by Tristan Capacchione Original music by Nathan Burley Additional music by Audio Network Editorial Assistance by Sarah Lawrynuik Executive Producer, Jesse Brown    To listen to the rest of the...
Published 10/31/22
Meet David Wallace, political fixer. After decades in the game he says he’s getting out, telling all, and dumping his files in public. The result is the viral "Klondike Papers" theory of conspiracies, conservatives, and cults. But are the allegations true? And why is he really implicating himself, and so many others? A wild, true story. Series launches October 31st. Subscribe now (link). Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
Published 10/27/22
What's up with the WE Organization now? An update on recent developments. Further reading: WE Charity planned to move to the United States. (link) WE Kenya country director Carolyn Moraa's blog (link) The Twitter campaign against The White Saviors (link)   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
Published 09/21/21
Where did the money go? Where are all the schools that WE says it built? A political scandal breaks the dam on decades of silence. Revelations pile up of donor fraud, racism, child abuse, "dirty trick" campaigns against WE's enemies and other financial misconduct. Then, the Kielburgers silence the scandal with a shocking announcement... **** Music by Audio Network **** Official responses from The WE Organization: Allegations by Amanda Maitland and that of racism: The entire WE...
Published 09/13/21
Kenya was the jewel in the crown of the WE Organization's global empire. It's where they took celebrities and CEOs for life-changing "experiences" with needy children, followed by stays in their 5-star luxury beach resort. It's also where WE co-founder Marc Kielburger hired a private security firm staffed by an ex-Israeli military operative and a Sri Lankan fugitive to deal with Kenyan employees who he thought were robbing or blackmailing him. They in turn accused Marc of kidnapping them and...
Published 09/06/21
In the age of “corporate social responsibility,” giant corporations are tired of looking like the bad guys. Microsoft, Dow Chemical, Allstate Insurance, Hershey’s, Teck Mining – these companies were used to being blamed and boycotted. But by donating to WE Charity, they got more than tax benefits - they got a whole new PR strategy. This is the story of how WE turned virtue into a commodity, and sold it to the world’s biggest companies. But at what point does a charity become a marketing...
Published 08/30/21
Kids in 17,000 schools have been encouraged to take the WE Pledge, join the WE movement, and “Live WE.” But what does that really mean? In practice, it has meant fundraising for WE, paying the Kielburgers’ private company for a “voluntourism” trip, going to work for WE, and living in communal WE housing. According to many of those who lived WE, it meant joining an organization very much like a “cult.” Music by Audio Network ********** Official responses from WE: With regards to child...
Published 08/23/21
Published 08/20/21
Over 25 years, WE built a golden brand by inspiring children to rally around their charismatic leader. But behind the scenes, employees experienced a cult-like culture and a troubling blur of charitable and commercial activities. In the aftermath of a national scandal, thousands of donors and volunteers (and dozens of ‘celebrity ambassadors’) are left wondering where the money went, and whether the savior industry creates a constant need for victims. From CANADALAND, the news company that...
Published 08/11/21
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Published 08/05/21