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Story #1: Panic and fear, Omicron is here. Story #2: A Reverse Exodus. Story #3: A big week in College Football and who’s really good in the NFL?   Tell Will why he’s right…or wrong Twitter: @willcain Instagram: @cwillcain
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Story #1: The Supreme Court strikes down President Biden’s vaccine mandate. Story #2: NFL Playoff Preview with NFL Reporter Jonah Tuls. Story #3: President Biden ran on unity, but governs on division.   Tell Will why he is right....or wrong   Follow Will on Twitter: @WillCain    
Published 01/14/22
Published 01/14/22
Story #1: Breakthrough cases of the truth around COVID-19. Story #2: Will’s top ten NFL teams and the NFL coaching carousel. Story #3: Tennis star Novak Djokovic stands up for Australians. Parents stand up for their children. Tell Will why he is right…or wrong! Follow Will on Twitter: @willcain 
Published 01/12/22