Evil Doesn't Always Hide
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This week, Will explains the two forms of racism that he believes are major causes of the mounting  social controversy in America. Later Will shares the biggest challenges the NBA and college football are currently facing and he reveals which character he views as the "embodiment of strength". Catch up with Will on Twitter: @willcain
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This week, Will sits down with sports, entertainment, and IP attorney with Heitner Legal, Darren Heitner, to discuss the new era of College Football’s name, image, and likeness. Darren and Will discuss how college athletes are starting to get paid for NIL and debate whether or not these athletes...
Published 07/30/21
Story #1: The Cleveland Indians are no more— meet the Cleveland Guardians.  Story #2: A preview of the future coming directly from Europe and South Africa: vaccine passports and a race war  Story #3: The monolithic culture of USA football super leagues  Catch up with Will on Twitter: @willcain
Published 07/26/21
Story #1: How much of the current debate about COVID-19 vaccinations can be attributed to partisanship? Will says...almost all of it.  Story #2: The world of college football was rocked with news that Texas and Oklahoma have reached out to the SEC about potentially joining the conference in the...
Published 07/23/21