Corporate America Has Sold Out American Culture
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Story #1: Is inequality is an "American cancer?" Story #2: Will's weekly quarterback depth chart, plus his five NFL game picks for this weekend.  Story #3: Why does every media organization go all-in on missing white women? Asks everyone with a national television show in the media.  Tell Will why he is right…or wrong. Twitter: @willcain Instagram: @cwillcain
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Story #1: Does former President Barack Obama understand America? Story #2: Top 10 teams in the NFL and the current standings for the college playoffs.  Story #3: A conversation with Lars Anderson, author of A Season in the Sun: The Inside Story of Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and the Making of a...
Published 10/27/21
Story #1: Social media is under attack by mainstream media, but it’s not about misinformation, it’s about competition. Story #2: The Kansas City Chiefs are not good. Story #3: First annual Cain family Squirrel hunt and Catfish rodeo. Tell Will why he is right…or...
Published 10/25/21
Story #1: The brand…the slur of vaccine hesitancy. Story #2: Will’s weekly NFL quarterback depth chart. Story #3: A conversation with former Special Agent and Unit Chief in the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and host of the new FOX Nation documentary Interview with Evil, John...
Published 10/22/21