The Great Reset
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Story #1: Will explains why we need a new paradigm. Story #2: The most exciting of tragic days in college football. Story #3: Will shares what he considers the good news and bad news in America’s education system. Tell Will why he is right…or wrong. Twitter: @willcain Instagram: @cwillcain
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Story #1: Three quick stories. Story #2: A conversation with Clinical Professor at NYU Langone School of Medicine and FOX News Medical Contributor, Dr. Marc Siegel. Story #3: Will's weekly NFL Quarterback depth chart & his College Football and NFL betting picks of the week. Tell Will why he...
Published 12/03/21
Published 12/03/21
Story #1: Who exactly has lost their mind? Story #2: The trials of the century.  Story #3: There are no final stop coaching jobs in College Football & Will's Top 10 teams in the NFL. Tell Will why he is right…or wrong. Twitter: @willcain Instagram: @cwillcain
Published 12/01/21