Ep 74. Workshop. Diets, body neutrality and running recovery
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In this episode Holly and I are chatting about running recovery and our experiences with diets. You find us in the middle of chatting about my new haircut, so sorry about that, but I included a bit because it segues brilliantly to a comment we’ve had on the podcast, as you’ll discover. We also talk about running through illness when you should actually be recovering. We talk about how we need to be mindful of the recovery period as much as the running period, both when we’re in training and when we’re unwell. Something I have not abided by over Christmas unfortunately. We talk about our relationships with food and diet, a conversation we started in the previous workshop as it’s something we wanted to continue, and how we are trying to amend the way we think about what we eat and how we perceive ourselves. Essentially we want to appreciate our bodies for what they’ve done rather than how they look. We’d be interested to hear what you think about this, and your relationships with food and your body and if running has had a positive impact on that. In the meantime, happy running and I hope you enjoy the episode! This episode is sponsored by ORIJEN. As many of us will be getting into new running routines to start off the year, did you know that two-thirds of us want to get our dogs in on the workout fun too? ORIJEN pet food provides nourishment as nature intended – it’s biologically appropriate, and provides an authentic wholeprey diet, with the first five ingredients always being fresh or raw quality animal ingredients, to give them all the nutrition they need. Find out more at ORIJEN. If you love our podcast, you will adore Women’s Running magazine. This January you can bag a membership to our brilliant mag for just £2.99 a month. Just enter the code JAN22WRPOD at the checkout. Happy running!
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