Ep 90. Seagulls, Scummy Mummies, 10K races
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In this bumper episode, Esther and Holly launch into it with the week’s headline event: Holly’s fight with one of Bath’s resident Herring Gulls. One stressful day later, and bolstered with a tetanus jab, she is FINE, and has used the experience to boost our stats on the podcast. Good girl. Then, less interestingly, Esther ran the London Vitality 10,000 on Monday, so lots of chat about the experience, the runners, the course, the time.  Then Esther and Holly talk to comedians Scummy Mummies, one of which (the lovely Helen Thorn) was also running the V10K on Monday as well. They chat about running, their enduring friendship, and the big life changes that Helen has been through over the past couple of years. Be warned, it’s a bit sweary – but when isn’t the WR Podcast?  Then there’s lots of chat about your embarrassing moments, which Esther and Holly have LOVED, so do please continue to send in, as it makes them feel so much better about their own. Sponsored This Podcast is Sponsored by Lucy Locket Loves. Fall in love with their amazing activewear, snuggly hoodies, funky dungarees and so much more.  Whether you're running marathons, going to the movies or playing in the park, Lucy Locket Loves has something for everyone. For a whopping 20% off, you can use the code RUN20 at the checkout.  Women’s Running magazine If you like this podcast, you will love Women’s Running magazine. Right now, you can read each issue every month right on your phone for just £2.99 a month. That gives you instant access no matter where you are, and you can read all our back issues too. Use the code WRSPR22POD at the checkout.  Patreon We’ve launched ourselves on to Patreon as we need your help to keep going. Please support us with whatever you can and you’ll get some lovely patron-only perks. You can support us from as little as £2 a month – and every patron helps us continue to produce a podcast that has at least 10% running content in it in every episode.  Links Get yourself some period pants from BP3 Or some leggings from Wuka Sign up to next year’s London Vitality 10,000 Support the show
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