Ep 91. Stress, safety, breathing techniques, embarrassing moments
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In this episode Holly and I are talking about the National Running Show, which took place last weekend. This was a big event for the podcast, as we were doing a talk on stage, and we were a little bit nervous about it – thankfully it’s all over and done with now, and it went better than we could ever have expected! Did you see us there?  We also talk about stress, and how that can affect our training negatively, something I’d be interested to hear from you about if this is something that has also happened to you. And then we talk about *that* Samsung advert and how I got caught up in a bit of a media storm!  We talk about the danger of the advert in that it emphasises the belief that women feel safe and are empowered on every run, which isn’t representative, and at the same time undermines our campaigning to make women feel safer. We then have a few emails to discuss – one of them is a question about breathing, which we will address with the help of an expert in a forthcoming episode. And we have a couple of brilliant embarrassing stories – thank you so much! More please! Tree Hour Women's Running and Earth Runs have joined together to help make a massive impact on our environment. Sunday 5th June is Global Environment Day, a day where if you sign up through Earth Runs for a 1-hour challenge, to run, walk, cycle or roll for 60 minutes, then for every minute you are moving forward, a tree will be planted for you. Find out more and join us to make a huge difference. Women’s Running magazine If you like this podcast, you will love Women’s Running magazine. Right now, you can read each issue every month right on your phone for just £2.99 a month. That gives you instant access no matter where you are, and you can access and search over a hundred back issues too. Use the code WRSPR22POD at the checkout.  Patreon We’ve launched ourselves on to Patreon as we need your help to keep going. Please support us with whatever you can and you’ll get some lovely patron-only perks. You can support us from as little as £2 a month – and every patron helps us continue to produce a podcast that has at least 10% running content in it in every episode. Please join our very lovely gang to keep us going. Some of our recent patrons include these wonderful people: Jodie Price, Carly Evans, Georgina Taylor, Claire Farrer, Gillian Askew, Hannah Finch & Heidi Shuster. Links If you like this podcast, you will love Women’s Running magazine. Use the code WRSPR22POD at the checkout to read each issue every month right on your phone for just £2.99 a month. Sign up to Tree Hour and plant 60 days for an hour’s worth of movement. Please support us on Patreon! Support the show
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