1.20.22 North Korean missiles, persecution overseas, and teaching English
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Josh Schumacher reports on the threat posed by North Korea (https://wng.org/podcasts/seg-2-tktkt-1642660256)’s latest missile launches; Mary Reichard talks to Open Doors USA CEO David Curry about this year’s World Watch List (https://wng.org/podcasts/seg-2-tk-curry-1642660214); and Kim Henderson visits a church in Nebraska (https://wng.org/podcasts/seg-3-tk-1642660082) loving their neighbors by helping them learn English. Plus: commentary from Cal Thomas (https://wng.org/podcasts/seg-4-tk-1642659789), a $2 million fixer-upper (https://wng.org/podcasts/kicker-tktk-1642660161), and the Thursday morning news (https://wng.org/podcasts/thursday-morning-news-january-20-2022-1642660300).Support The World and Everything in It today at wng.org/donate (https://donate.wng.org/).Additional support comes from Ambassadors Impact Network, a group of faith-driven investors who finance private companies led by gospel-advancing entrepreneurs. More at ambassadorsimpact.com (http://ambassadorsimpact.com/).
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