The UN in Afghanistan, Twenty Years Since the U.S. Invasion of Iraq, Black Sea Grain Initiative, and More
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The UN Security Council decides whether to renew the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan; on its twentieth anniversary, Americans and Iraqis take stock of the U.S. invasion of Iraq; and the future of the Ukraine-Russia Black Sea Grain Initiative, a vital food export agreement, is decided.   Mentioned on the Podcast   Max Boot, “What the Neocons Got Wrong,” Foreign Affairs   Peter Feaver, Christopher Gelpi, and Jason Reifler, “The Strange Case of Iraq Syndrome,” Foreign Affairs   Sebastian Mallaby, “What the Silicon Valley Bank Bailout Teaches Us,” Washington Post   For an episode transcript and show notes, visit us at:
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Published 06/01/23
Published 06/01/23
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