Today, on the 50th and last episode of our 1st season, we welcome back Denis Ibister from the hit television show, Wild Fish Wild Places. Denis is on today to talk about earning the IGFA Trout Royal Slam. Earning this award has made him only the 37th person to ever complete this challenge, and Denis […]
Published 10/07/14
Today on The World’s Greatest Fishing Podcast, we are joined by photographer, Adam Barker. Adam was referred to us by Paul Perry, our last week’s guest (looking at his Instagram we know why!) Adam is, what he calls an active lifestyle outdoors and travel photographer, who is extremely passionate about life, nature and his family. Growing up […]
Published 09/23/14
Today, I am joined by a special guest, Paul Perry, a writer for the Bahamas Sport Fishing Network. Paul was brought to our attention through his incredible Instagram posts. Once we saw them, we knew we had to get him on the show. Growing up hunting and fishing in New England, he learned to fish in the multitude of ponds, lakes and streams from New Jersey […]
Published 09/16/14
It’s time again, to take a break from interviews, and pick Paul’s brain about all of the things you probably did not know about fish. We talk about everything from how male clown fish will change their sex if the female dies and can change back as needed to the two things that Paul would need […]
Published 09/09/14
Today on The World’s Greatest Fishing Show, we welcome Ontario’s Master Hunter, Peter Wood. Peter is a hunter and fisherman, speaker, photographer, award-winning writer of What The Deer Experts Told Me. He is also the CEO of Ripple Outdoors and host of Hunt Talk and Mastering the Hunt podcasts. Peter started fishing when he was 5 years […]
Published 09/02/14
Today, we are joined by another listener referral, East Coast fishing guide, Walleye Pete of Four Season Guide Service. Walleye Pete has been fishing for as long as he can remember. Growing up in upstate NY, along with his family, he had plenty of opportunity to hone his skills. After serving nearly 23 years in the […]
Published 08/26/14
Today, we are joined by the top dog of fishing, and the host of the fishing show Bass 2 Billfish, Peter Miller. Peter has been hooked on fishing for 43 years now, which is impressive to us, since he is only 46 years old. Ever since high school, Peter knew that he wanted to host […]
Published 08/19/14
Today,  instead of interviewing a guest, we talk with The World’s Greatest Fishing Show’s co-host Paul Moritz, number one best-selling fishing author, about fishing in Yosemite. We cover everything from where the best places to fish are, at any elevation, to what equipment you will need and not need for the Yosemite area. Paul breaks down everything you need […]
Published 08/12/14
Fifty years ago, most people did not know much about sharks, Great Whites in particular. After the release of the movie Jaws in 1975 , All of that  changed. The movie, and the general public’s reaction to it, made those in the science community realize how little was known about these predators of the sea. […]
Published 08/05/14
While there are some hunters and fishermen out there that do not see the need for regulations or the enforcement of them, we know that they are in place for a reason. To help educate us, and maybe even inspire some of our listeners, we have Lt. Patrick Foy on the show today. Patrick is […]
Published 07/29/14
Born to fish, Ryan McRobert of Best Weigh Guide Service, has always known that he would spend his life on the water. Ryan grew up fishing the water of great state of Oregon every chance he had. He even came dangerously close to not being able to graduate high school because of missing much time to […]
Published 07/22/14
Kevin Nakada, also known as the Sea Samurai, returns to the show for another exciting episode.  This time he shares tips and tactics for catching California yellowtail.  Kevin is the owner of  Sea Samurai, an expert kayak-fishing guide service that can help you locate and catch all types of trophy Pacific Ocean game fish.  They provide […]
Published 07/15/14
Almost any active saltwater fisherman in San Diego area (and beyond) knows Fisherman’s Landing and Tackle Shop as a longtime friend to the local fishing community. As part owner, Doug Kern has become a staple in this community since his start, fresh out of college all of the way back in 1981! Since then, Doug paid his […]
Published 07/08/14
What is the current fastest growing niche sport in the kayak and fishing industry? Kayak fishing. To help us get the best and the most exciting information about the sport, we have Kevin Nakada on the show today. Kevin, also known as Sea Samurai, is a master at catching yellow tail and works for THE kayak […]
Published 07/01/14
Bobby Helms is the owner of Tame The Trout Charters, located in Tupper Lake, Northern New York. He specializes in deep water trolling tactics for Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Landlocked Atlantic Salmon, Walleye and Pike. With quite the variety of targets, Bobby has some money advice that you can use on your next fishing trip. […]
Published 06/27/14
For the past 20 years Captain Conway Bowman has been perfecting his Mako Shark fly fishing skills off the coast of Southern California in San Diego. Using the experience he gained over the years, Captain Conway started his  own guide service, Bowman Bluewater, and hasn’t looked back since. By chronicling every trip, Captain Conway has made some incredible […]
Published 06/24/14
It’s that time again, when we get to pick Paul’s brain about fishing techniques and tactics. No featured guest, just our very own expert here to tell us about surf fishing. Paul clears all the fluff and dives into what’s always worked for him and guarantees it will work for you. Surf fishing has its waves […]
Published 06/20/14
Dennis Chaprales, a captain of a sport fishing charter, Predatuna Sportfishing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, has been fishing since the age of 3. Captain Dennis has been running charters for over 20 years and has founded his own charter 16 years ago. Given his aquatic upbringing and instruction of his uncle, famous Chatham Shark Hunter Billy Chaprales, it is safe […]
Published 06/17/14
Traveling to places where almost no other fishermen has been is what Denis Ibister from the hit television show Wild Fish Wild Places, does best. He’s on today’s episode to tell us all about his latest adventure to Colombia. From catching rare fish like the SILVER Dorado to bathing with stingrays and piranhas, Denis gives us […]
Published 06/13/14
Out on Lake Powell, on the Arizona/Utah border, there is a professional guide service owned and operated by Captain Kevin Campbell. Captain Kevin has been a full-time guide since 1997. In 2003 he decided to open his own business, Lake Powell Outfitters Guide Service. Since then, he has guided over 4600 clients on memorable fishing trips in one of the […]
Published 06/10/14
This week, we are speaking to a living legend -the inspiring Tred Barta. Tred Barta has been the host of NBC Sports’ “The Best and Worst of Tred Barta” for 10 years, as well as a triple crown light tackle tuna world record holder. 5 years ago Tred found out he was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer followed […]
Published 06/06/14
Today we’re going to switch gears a little and interview our show’s very own co-host, Paul Moritz, number one best-selling fishing author, about fishing gear. We’ll cover everything from the basics, the type of rod and reel you need to get started for a certain type of fish, types of line right for the job, […]
Published 06/03/14
For over 20 years, Ken Corwin has been in the fishing gear service and repair business. His experience and knowledge has made him and his shop, Ken’s Custom Reels, the go-to shop in Southern California. What really sets Ken’s shop apart from all of the rest is simple, he focuses on primarily servicing and repairing […]
Published 05/30/14
Growing up in his father’s tackle shop, Jim Trelikes of Webspinner Custom Fishing Rods learned from a young age how to repair broken poles. Throughout his teen years, Jim perfected his talents and, when Jim started experimenting with wraps and inlays out of boredom, people noticed! Art and fishing were always passions for Jim, but […]
Published 05/27/14
What first brought our attention to Captain Bo Johnson and his first mate Deidra Bridger was a video that went viral on “Fish and Stream” that was taken out of context. We watched it, and decided we had to talk to them! In Southwest Florida and Key West, Captain Bo Johnson and his first mate […]
Published 05/23/14