(Season Finale) IGFA Trout Slam and Fishing Travels with Denis Isbister from Wild Fish Wild Places – Ep #50
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Today, on the 50th and last episode of our 1st season, we welcome back Denis Ibister from the hit television show, Wild Fish Wild Places. Denis is on today to talk about earning the IGFA Trout Royal Slam. Earning this award has made him only the 37th person to ever complete this challenge, and Denis […]
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Today on The World’s Greatest Fishing Podcast, we are joined by photographer, Adam Barker. Adam was referred to us by Paul Perry, our last week’s guest (looking at his Instagram we know why!) Adam is, what he calls an active lifestyle outdoors and travel photographer, who is extremely passionate...
Published 09/23/14
Today, I am joined by a special guest, Paul Perry, a writer for the Bahamas Sport Fishing Network. Paul was brought to our attention through his incredible Instagram posts. Once we saw them, we knew we had to get him on the show. Growing up hunting and fishing in New England, he learned to fish...
Published 09/16/14
It’s time again, to take a break from interviews, and pick Paul’s brain about all of the things you probably did not know about fish. We talk about everything from how male clown fish will change their sex if the female dies and can change back as needed to the two things that Paul would need […]
Published 09/09/14