Sound and vision from Apple, Sonos & Samsung
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This week, The Wrap returns, and with a bunch of news. From new music services on Apple, new sound gear from Sonos, plus TV news from Samsung and Sony, there’s a lot to get through in five minutes. Tune in. For more information, head to or
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This week on The Wrap, hear about new phones from Samsung, new audio gear from LG, Huawei, and Skullcandy, the difference between real Atmos and virtual Atmos, and we’ll tie it all together with the Apple HomePod reviewed. Tune in. For more information, head to or...
Published 03/16/23
On this episode of The Wrap, we’ll cover price rises coming to tech and services, and check out Apple’s 10th-gen iPad and how it compares to what’s out there. All in five minutes. For more information, head to or
Published 11/01/22