New Name - Formerly the X Line Podcast. What Happens Now?
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In this episode we discuss why we changed the name of the podcast from The X Line to xMarc. In short, we wanted a name that was more about the photographer rather than the gear. xMarc was the choice.  The show - while still remaining infrequent - will feature more updates... make this name change mean something, right? :-) --- Support this podcast:
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I give my full review of the Instax Wide Printer. It has some weird quirks, but overall it's awesome... yeah, that was a spoiler.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:...
Published 11/12/21
Published 11/12/21
Fujifilm unveiled their Instax Wide printer and it's awesome! In the excitement, there are some concerns about compatibility. Will it be available to direct printing from older cameras or not... We talk about that... we solve none of that, just wildly speculate.  IG: @marcsadowski Tw:...
Published 10/14/21