Introducing thBrainstorm Radio Show, Hosted by Wana. For the first episode of theBRS, That Malcolm Guy and Alim came through and had a chat about the evolution of music consumption. They also take over the music mix with a well rounded playlist! For the full episode with the music, head over to soundcloud / mixcloud https://soundcloud.com/thebrainstorm256 https://www.mixcloud.com/theBrainstormUg/thebrainstorm-radio-show-001/
Published 08/22/21
In this episode of theBrainstorm we sat down with HimKim, That Malcolm Guy and Benjamin Wana to talk about musical beginnings, why its sometimes important to keep your best ideas to yourself, and HimKim and Wana's early days in Kibuli. Near the end, HimKim gave us a little freestyle to let us know how to use Langwe properly.
Published 05/10/21
In the second part of theBrainstorm with Benjamin Wana, iZAYA the composer and That Malcolm Guy, we spoke about what its like to start out as a performer, whether the right drink can help, and the nature of history repeating itself. 
Published 03/16/21
For this episode of theBrainstorm, Benjamin Wana sat down with iZAYA the composer and That Malcolm Guy to talk about awkward beginnings, what its like to release music right now, and just how convoluted genres have become.
Published 03/08/21
For this episode of theBrainstorm, Byg Ben Sukuya sat down with Benjamin Wana to talk about what it means to be an artist during the times when your voice might not be what your fans need to hear, whether we have a role to play in politics, the things we do for the image, and Byg Bens upcoming album, Yvette.
Published 01/23/21
Published 01/23/21
Following the their last exhibition (check that out here for more context: https://youtu.be/ZkQVJ_QuzWs), we sat down with the Daniel (Artist / Curator), and Ore (Designer / Curator), to talk about what their exhibition was about, what its like having the same face as someone, the right approach to privilege and a lot more. For recognition, Daniel begins the episode talking about Alim's dog, and Ore mentions "gate love'
Published 01/06/21
For this episode of theBrainstorm, we sat down with a Music Producer (Benjamin Wana), a Singer / Songwriter / Dancer (Nyara) and a Rapper / Philosopher (Keya Nemesis) to see how their creative process' overlap, intertwine and differ in many ways.
Published 12/16/20
Keya Nemesis (Recording Artist) and That Malcolm Guy (Film Maker, Recording Artist) sat down to split a bottle of Uganda Waragi with juice and have a conversation that went all over the place. They covered getting radio play in Uganda, what freedom means as an African, film making, wigs, birth rates and a lot more. Additional voices from Alim Karmali behind the camera, and Benjamin Wana on sound.In order of how you hear them, the first voice is Alim talking about ideas being stolen, Malcolm...
Published 11/17/20
In this session, SLIKBACK (Producer and DJ), Alim Karmali (Photographer / DP), Benjamin Wana (Music Producer, founder of Beat Fellaz) & Keya Nemesis (Recording Artist) had a conversation about what it means to represent where you came from, can you really feel Kenyan enough, experimentation in your craft and what it means to be East African from the rest of the worlds perspective. Plus Nemesis tells a little story about missing a train in Germany that changed everything.  
Published 11/17/20
No Plan, No Introductions, Just Conversation In the premiere episode of theBrainstorm, Jamil Mugabi ( screen writer ), Elle Bero ( recording artist ) and Benjamin Wana ( music producer / DJ ) sit down to have a chat about the Kampala music scene during the pandemic, getting thrown off stage, and why they do what they do.In order of how you hear them - Jamil begins, followed by Elle mentioning comparisons, Wana speaks about firebase   
Published 11/17/20