This episode of Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour is the first since 2009, and it’s a deep dive into the world of that amber intoxicant popularly known as whiskey. Aptly, this episode is a double; two hours of music, musings and more from the famed musician and Nobel Laureate, broadcasting around the globe from Studio B in the Abernathy Building.
Published 09/25/20
In 2006, Bob Dylan created Theme Time Radio Hour, a radio program like no other. Each episode a deep dive on a different theme: coffee, mothers, jail, baseball, time, Christmas and more. 101 installments full of Bob’s wealth of knowledge on that suggested subject, along with pertinent music from around the world and across the sands of time. And now, Bob Dylan returns to the Abernathy Building with an all new Theme Time Radio Hour, his first in more than 10 years.  It’s all about whiskey....
Published 09/16/20