1977 UFO Attack, KillDozer, Kidnapping of Shergar, 100th Monkey Effect – Theories Thursday
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UFO Attack on 1,600 US Army Soldiers at Fort Benning. One man turns a bulldozer into a tank and attacks the town. A racehorse worth over $15 million was kidnapped and the spontaneous transference of knowledge throughout a species.
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In 1987, one of the strangest things in television history occurred. Chicago Television stations were automatically taken over by a Mysterious Masked Man. Was this just a couple of amateur hackers playing around, or something more sinister?
Published 11/25/21
Published 11/25/21
Before 1924, the average lifespan of a light bulb was around 2,500 hours. In December 1924, a secret World organization gathered to bring down the average lifespan of a light bulb to just 1,000 hours. This sent ripples into the world economy and this technique is still being used today by corrupt...
Published 11/18/21