Attachment, Stress & Bootstraps - Understanding the Intersection of Poverty & Mental Health with Dr. Sharon Lambert (191)
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Attachment 'insecurity" is, in part, a manifestation of patterns of unresolved stress in the child and by extension, the family. Therapists usually think of stress as interpersonal and dyadic; however, that needs to include the context we discuss on this podcast. Context means the circumstances or setting which helps to understand a process more deeply. As Sharon Lambert says in today's episode, you can't "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" if you have no boots. Sue Marriott and Sharon Lambert discuss the unconscious bootstraps communities have that cause blame towards those who are struggling. There is no doubt that poverty impacts physical and emotional health, and thus lifting children out of poverty is a direct intervention in their well-being. Today's session also explores fascinating research on how people use mental health podcasts - join us!
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