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A caller trying to get into the physical education industry is not sure if it’s worth getting bitten by his students. Afterwards a caller tells me about her mother’s longtime wish for her to be gay, a caller shares how buying a gecko suit ended in romance, and I catch up with a friend from high school.  Tickets to Therapy Gecko Live are on sale now in 40+ cities around the US, UK, Europe, and Canada. Get them here before they sell out: https://therapygeckotour.com/ Buying a book always feels like I’m lying to myself that I’ll read it. I am a gecko. More gecko stuff here: https://linktr.ee/lyleforever
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A caller tells me how he’s still with his girlfriend despite cheating on her with a man in the movie theater bathroom during a screening of Cocaine Bear. We get her side of the story too. Then I play a clip from one of my live shows in Florida where a man tells me all about bailing his mom out...
Published 05/31/23
A couple immobilized by both of their recent injuries calls in to teach me about the painful situation that is vaginal cysts. Afterwards a caller ponders the ethics of him routinely stealing groceries, and a final couple tells me how their romance began at a McDonalds. I am on tour right now...
Published 05/28/23
Published 05/28/23