Season 6 - Episode 30
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PLEASE LISTEN TO ‘SEASON 6 - EPISODE 29’ FOR PART ONE OF THIS TWO-PART CASE. November 1990. South Ronaldsay in Orkney. Seven young children are taken into care by social services under ‘Place of Safety’ orders. At that time, their father — a sadistic tormentor, was behind bars. He had been convicted of abusing his children years earlier. However, following questioning from social workers, some of the youngsters had supposedly disclosed that they were now the victims of ritualistic abuse by members of the local community… (Part 2 of 2).   *** LISTENER CAUTION IS ADVISED ***     This episode was researched and written by Eileen Macfarlane.  Listen to our new podcast ‘They Walk Among America' here: Become a ‘Patreon Producer’ and get exclusive access to Season 1, early ad-free access to episodes, and your name in the podcasts credits. Find out more here: More information and episode references can be found on our website MUSIC:  Old Moon by Lincoln Davis Into by Hill Last Love by Moments St Mary by Chelsea McGough Wilderness by Wild Wonder Path by Stephen Keech In Reverse by Wild Wonder Retention by Lincoln Davis Raindrops by Moments Am I Dreaming by Moments They Walk Among Us is part of the Acast Creator Network - SOCIAL MEDIA:  Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Two men hiding their faces in balaclavas showed up at a property on Ninian Road in Cardiff and forced their way inside. It was just after half-past one on the afternoon of Sunday, April 11, 2010…. (Part 1 of 2). *** LISTENER CAUTION IS ADVISED ***     This episode was researched and written by...
Published 05/18/22
The role of the prison system is to punish offenders, protect the public, and rehabilitate inmates. In the majority of cases, convicted offenders can be reformed and re-enter society to live a productive, law-abiding existence, but in some instances, prison can bring out the worst in people who...
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