5 Ways to Fix Comics (And Why They Won’t Happen), Not Giving Up, New DC/Marvel Titles and More
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Wes is back with another episode of the The Comic Wrap. Wes runs down the biggest comic book and pop culture news and best conversations of the week.
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Marvel and DC Comics released their comic book solicitations for January 2022. Wes sorts through well over 100 previews to find hidden gems and outright stinker.
Published 10/25/21
Wes is joined by Comics Aficionados: Owner of start-up comic publisher Animated Concepts Gevian Dargan, pop culture and basketball Twitch streamer Skipntosh, Drew from Comics Elite comic shop, Batman and pop culture critic Josh McDonald and co-host Dok. The Comics Aficionados break down all the...
Published 10/24/21
Batman Critic Josh McDonald and X-Men Historian Dok join Wes to talk about all the latest developments and comics in Batman and X-Men.
Published 10/23/21