Trans Lives, Health and Resilience
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For Trans Awareness Week, Teddy Cook talks us through developments in peer-led policy, research and law reform. Teddy introduces new findings from the largest Australian sexual health survey for trans and gender diverse people, explains recent reforms in changing identity documents, advocates for appropriate questions in data collection, rejects deficit-based, pathologizing gatekeeper models and argues that we should be talking about gender euphoria instead of gender dysphoria.
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Dr Sen Raj explains how love, hate, rage, fear and disgust shape our political claims. Law is not solely comprised of logic and reason, but is replete with emotion. Disgust is mobilised in cases about queer sex; hate crime legislation assumes transphobia and racism are individual aberrations...
Published 04/02/20
Published 04/02/20
In Episode 6, Jessica Ison discusses intersections of queer liberation and animal liberation. Tracing back Mardi Gras’ transition from a protest to a parade where police, military and banks now march alongside LGBTIQA+ communities, Jess warns of the dangers of homonormativity and explains why...
Published 10/22/19