That thing you buy and don’t tell your parents about
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We’re keeping things just a little uncomfortable this week with another round of our favorite game: Financial Face-Off! But first: We need your help telling a new story.
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When a shady business partner leaves a newly married couple on the hook for over $300,000, it tests the limits of “for better or worse.” For even more “This Is Uncomfortable,” sign up for our new weekly newsletter at
Published 02/21/20
After getting married, Angie’s husband started to scrutinize every purchase. The situation soon got so much worse. We look at what happens when money becomes a form of control.
Published 02/13/20
Reema (a skeptical Libra) talks with astrologer Chani Nicholas about the booming business of astrology and together they answer listener questions about overspending and toxic bosses.
Published 02/06/20