Galactic Navel Gazing
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This Week: Tabula Sapiens, Denisovan tooth, Tiny dentists, NeuroMechFly, Renewables Lifeline, Rocket Realism, Eat your vegetables, Conservation Wins!, Cockroaches, Spiders, Headbutting Muskoxen, Medical contact lens for glaucoma, Video Game Smarts, Stimulate The Circuits, And Much More!
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This Week: Charon's Red Cap, Pee farming, Tea, Almost Meat, One-legged longevity, Eat Plants Locally, It's time to talk about face mites, Frogs, Bats, Ancient pre-Brexit England, Cancer killing plants, Breathy Identity, Touching Itch, And Much More!
Published 06/23/22
This Week: GAIA Data, Sample Return, Planetary systems, Wigs, Tired Plants, Human echolocation, Baby Brains, 1000 genes, Baby Whales, Seals, Baby Compass, Hot Heads, Sleepy Anger, And Much More!
Published 06/16/22