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This Week: AI Updates Theory, Living with dogs, Termite Travels, Gliding Salamanders, Aging Cells Go Placental, Jackdaw Coordination, Diabetic COVID Susceptibility, Not More Severe, Vaccination & Long COVID, Dolphins pee pals, Sea turtles need shades, Corvid Smarts, Comparing Sleeping Brains, And Much More
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This Week: Charon's Red Cap, Pee farming, Tea, Almost Meat, One-legged longevity, Eat Plants Locally, It's time to talk about face mites, Frogs, Bats, Ancient pre-Brexit England, Cancer killing plants, Breathy Identity, Touching Itch, And Much More!
Published 06/23/22
This Week: GAIA Data, Sample Return, Planetary systems, Wigs, Tired Plants, Human echolocation, Baby Brains, 1000 genes, Baby Whales, Seals, Baby Compass, Hot Heads, Sleepy Anger, And Much More!
Published 06/16/22