17 March, 2021 – Episode 816 – How Do Irish Eyes?
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What is in the This Week in Science Podcast? No Womb, Shipwrecked Solar System, Mask Destruction, Cancer Force Field, Bad Air, Giraffe-Mice, Fast Heart Attacks, COVID Vaccine Update, Tone Deaf Honeyeaters, Savage Plovers, Ocean Protection, Green Arctic Acres, Irish Crying Eyes, New Genes, And Much More… Become a Patron! Check out the full episode of our science podcast on YouTube. You can do that here. And, remember that you can find us on all the podcast directories. If you are looking for science podcasts on Spotify, we are there! Science podcasts on Google? We are there! You’re looking for science podcasts on iTunes, science podcasts on Apple? We are there, too! Just look for This Week in Science… Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!! Justin said things, but didn’t share his script. Does someone want to transcribe it for me? Let’s start with the science news No Womb Researchers are growing mouse embryos in jars. Shipwrecked solar system The Antikythera device is being decoded bit by bit! Masks are destroying the planet! And no, this isn’t going to magically disappear when the pandemic ends… Cancer Force Field Researchers at Ohio State University have evidence that elecromagnetic fields reduce the spread of breast cancer cells. Bad air Malaria has been with us for thousands of years. a href="https://www.
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