14 April, 2021 – Episode 820 – Is it Time Yet???
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What is in the This Week in Science Podcast? FermiLab Followup, Almost Astronauts, How Do You Scream, Moving Fish, Magic Mood Mushroom, Crazy Light, Monkey Speed Bumps, COVID Update, It’s A Yawn, Bird Blood Heaters, Halfway To Zero, Imprinting Autism?, Facial Phrenology?, Gar Brains, And Much More… Become a Patron! Check out the full episode of our science podcast on YouTube. You can do that here. And, remember that you can find us on all the podcast directories. If you are looking for science podcasts on Spotify, we are there! Science podcasts on Google? We are there! You’re looking for science podcasts on iTunes, science podcasts on Apple? We are there, too! Just look for This Week in Science… Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!! All of the content from all of the platforms in which content is contained On whatever new device that streams into our consciousness Cannot compare to simple beauty of a having your favorite beverage outside under the bright blue sky of sunny southern California springtime… Or a crowded café bookstore in cloudy sweater weather Portland Or a bustling New York Deli, with everyone bagels to briskets wanting what she’s having Or even mingling with masses in the fragrant fish markets of foggy San Francisco As the world begins to emerge, albeit too soon, from a half-masked attempt to divert a pandemic It’s those simple things we’ve been missing, once taken for granted, that we will relish with tremendous glee once everything begins to get back to normal Going out in public… to places not inside our own homes… will be amazing. But before we go full on post pandemic COVID complacency Let us keep in mind that while almost there… we ain’t there yet. So sit back, stay home and tune into the electronic void just a little longer with This Week in Science
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