Rational Minds Have Prevailed - Silicon Valley Bank collapse, FCC nominee Gigi Sohn, Apple headset
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Silicon Valley Bank collapse, FCC nominee Gigi Sohn, Apple headset Hedge funds are offering to buy startups' deposits stuck at Silicon Valley Bank. Etsy is delaying seller payouts following Silicon Valley Bank's collapse. FDIC to Silicon Valley Bank workers. We'll give you a 50% raise or double-time OT, but you'll lose your job in 45 days. U.S. officials weigh protecting all deposits at Silicon Valley Bank. Silicon Valley Bank profit squeeze in tech downturn attracts short sellers. Meta to end Canadians' access to news on Facebook and Instagram if Bill C-18 becomes law. Joint Statement by Treasury, Federal Reserve, and FDIC. Report: Apple CEO Tim Cook Ordered Headset Launch Despite Designers Warning It Wasn't Ready. Daylight savings time change 2023 starts Sunday with "spring forward". Gigi Sohn, Biden FCC nominee withdraws, following bruising lobbying battle The privacy loophole in your doorbell. YouTubers can swear at the start of videos again without getting demonetized. Apple Music Classical app launching March 28. Chat with Jason Calacanis (post credits) Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Lisa Schmeiser, Reed Albergotti, Glenn Fleishman, and Jason Calacanis Download or subscribe to this show at https://twit.tv/shows/this-week-in-tech Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at https://twit.tv/clubtwit Sponsors: ZipRecruiter.com/Twit bitwarden.com/twit kolide.com/twit
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