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It's another slasher movie for the Halloween season, and this time it's kind of, sort of, a more traditional slasher. We're talking about Dario Argento's Opera! Will this film be hailed as another classic in Argento's filmography? Will its issues prove too much to bare?! And finally, which host will come out on top and be crowned "The King of Halloween"?! Tune in to find out!
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We're still diving into the Junk yard to find some iffy movies. We're taking a blast to the past with Mortal Kombat: Annihilation! Will this movie completely fail to live up to the video game it's based on? Is there any enjoyment to be had here at all?! Tune in to find out!
Published 11/30/21
Published 11/23/21
It's finally here... the movie often touted by some of our hosts as the worst movie they've ever seen. We're talking about American Psycho II: All American Girl. Is it as bad as we remember? Are we judging it too harshly? What makes a bad movie "good"?! Tune in to find out!
Published 11/23/21