On Isaiah 2:1-5 (Waiting for Sunrise Ep. 1)
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Do you find yourself waiting for something longer than you would like? Are you losing hope as you feel an answer may never come? In this opening episode of our new series, “Waiting for Sunrise”, Pastor JB draws hope and wisdom from the Book of Isaiah to show us God’s plans to answer us and provide for us. Even when our lives feel like a warzone, filled with pain and darkness, we can have confidence that God sees us and He is walking with us! If you need more hope in your period of waiting, this message is for you! - Next Steps • Are you NEW to Thrive? We've prepared a Stainless Steel Thrive Water Bottle for you to thank you for spending your Sunday with us. Text “New” to (604) 285-5770 or visit https://MyThrive.info/new • Calling all parents! Check out the Thrive Kids Curriculum with Thrive Kids Zoom Class: https://MyThrive.info/thrivekids • Did you just pray the prayer to receive Jesus? Let us know! We have prepared a Thrive mug + a Starbucks E-Gift card that we want to mail you; we'll also send you a series of videos that might answer your questions about Christianity. Visit MyThrive.info/new-belivers-gift • Our amazing Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thrivechurchvancouver • All your next steps: https://MyThrive.info/ - “On Isaiah 2:1-5” Speaker: Pastor JB Lim Message Series: Waiting for Sunrise Episode: 1 Streamed on April 11, 2021 at THRIVE Church Vancouver, Canada www.thrivechurch.ca - Thrive Church Online is a community based in Greater Vancouver Area with the goal of reaching the world with the love of Christ. We worship, share a weekly message from our pastor, pray together, and most importantly, share in the great love God has for all of us.
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