Published 10/01/23
This week on the show Ping is joined by special guest Tracey English. Tracey has had a long and successful career as an artist working with illustrations and collages. In this interview she shares her creative journey, the lessons she’s learned and her top tips for artists both new and experienced. KEY TAKEAWAYS Tracey talks about her journey to being an illustrator which took her from studying textiles to colour forcesating, to selling her work at market stalls to illustration and finally...
Published 10/01/23
This week on the show Dorien and Ping are talking about how to create consistency in your artwork. The ladies share their five top tips for creating consistency in your work from taking breaks to finding creative partners. Speaking from experience, Dorien and Ping are here to help you be the best! KEY TAKEAWAYS The ladies talk about the relationship of consistency and motivation and how one informs the other.  Ping talks about how practising in different styles of art helps her motivation...
Published 09/25/23
This week Ping is hosting all by herself, but she is joined by special guest Anna Wilson. Anna is a successful children’s book artist and has created works for Bloomsbury, Hachette and the BBC among many others. Anna shares her journey from a career in academia to becoming a successful artist and shares all the lessons she has learned along the way to help you take the next step in your artistic journey.
Published 08/07/23
On this week’s show Ping is all by herself, but to make up for the absence of Doreen and Sarah, she is joined by renowned artistic agent Kajsa Blomberg. In a wide ranging interview, Kajsa talks about her journey from being a law graduate to a highly established agent and shares valuable tips and insights for artists that are seeking representation and what they can expect once they have it.
Published 07/23/23
In this week's episode Dorien is back and the ladies are reminiscing about their lives, hopes and dreams two years ago. But have they achieved what they set out to do or have their plans changed in unexpected ways and what affects has this had on their careers and their artistic journeys?
Published 07/09/23
This week Ping is at a book fair. But don’t worry, Doreen is back at the mic and the ladies are looking inward. They discuss the topic of believing in yourself and how every artist should find their way to doing it as it will, ultimately, help you grow and produce your best work.
Published 06/25/23
This week Ping and Sarah are joined by children's illustrator Emmi Smid. In an in depth interview Emmi shares her journey to becoming a children illustrator and storyteller, some of her success and failures along the way, her working practices and why it is important, to her, to share her stories with the world.
Published 06/11/23
This week, Dorien is busy on a big project, but Sarah and Ping step up and talk you through planning studio time. The ladies pack their years of experience into a fun filled thirty minute episode and share some valuable tips and tricks that guarantee to make you more productive in your studio.
Published 05/28/23
This week, Dorien is missing, but don’t worry Sarah and Ping are here and they’re going to get personal. This week, the ladies are going to give you an insight into their lives but not the exciting projects they are currently working on, instead they are going to talk about their personal lives and the effect it has on their work.
Published 05/14/23
Sarah and Ping are joined by Ema Malyauka, a self taught children's book illustrator, whose Belarusian surname translates to ‘drawing’. Ema discusses her creative process, sharing invaluable advice for young artists, and her journey as a self taught artist from knowing nothing about the industry to becoming a successful illustrator KEY TAKEAWAYS Ema struggled at school with regular lessons, but attended art classes outside of school and constantly received high praise from her teachers....
Published 05/01/23
Devon Holzwarth is an award-winning picture book illustrator, author, and painter. She joins Ping and Dorien to tell you all about her life as a Children’s Book Illustrator as well as her creative journey that led her there. Listen in for some great advice from someone who has broken into the illustration industry for themselves.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Devon went to Rhode Island School of Design art school where she majored in textile design. She majored in this because she thought that it had...
Published 04/17/23
Sarah is back on Thriving Women Artists and this week she’s brought the topic of what to do when you’re feeling jealous of other artists. Listen in as Ping, Dorien, and Sarah talk about how they feel jealous, what they do about it, and how jealousy isn’t always a negative thing. Find out what positives can you take from this feeling to drive your own work and achieve your goals.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Jealousy is not only for artists starting out, no matter what stage you are on your journey you...
Published 04/03/23
Today is a special episode because we have a guest on Thriving Women Artists, Jennifer M. Potter joins Ping and Dorien to talk about her career as a children’s book illustrator. Find out about how Jennifer left her corporate job to follow her creative and artistic passions. Don’t worry, Sarah will be back soon, she’s currently recording some courses for Domestika.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Jennifer was a graphic designer and art director in the corporate world before she had the idea that she...
Published 03/20/23
Today on the podcast Sarah, Ping, and Dorien will be giving you tips for creating during stressful times. This could be a generally stressful time in life which we all have or it could be when you’re facing a deadline with your work and have to be creative under that time pressure.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   We all end up leaving work until the last minute to do it, especially when we are students. We have so much time to be creative but end up having to cram it into a short amount of time. So...
Published 03/06/23
As the artist you see your work more than anyone else and because you see it so often, it can sometimes feel like it’s becoming stale. So how do we make sure that our art remains fresh and we stay engaged and motivated to work on it? If you’re asking that question then you’re in luck because Ping, Sarah, and Dorien have 7 tips and pieces of advice you can use to keep your work fresh.
Published 02/20/23
Today it’s just Ping and Sarah, but don’t worry because Dorien will be back soon. The topic of this podcast is growing your art business beyond being an Instagram artist. Find out the different types of Instagram artists, the pros and cons of posting your art on social media, how you should react to what people say about your art, and advice for growing your business in different ways.   KEY TAKEAWAYS What is an Instagram artist? At first, it seems like it’s someone who only uses...
Published 02/06/23
Lets face it, there’s no part of life that doesn’t come with the chance of failure, it’s something we all experience. It’s not the failing that matters, it’s how we deal with it that is important. This week on Thriving Women Artists, Ping, Sarah, and Dorien are going to be discussing where they have failed and how they dealt with it to gain a positive outcome.
Published 01/23/23
We all want to have the best assignments and commissions that are right for you. But how do we work out what commissions will be like before we say yes? Today on Thriving Women Artists, Sarah, Ping and Dorien will be talking you through how they choose who to work with and which projects appeal to them and why.   KEY TAKEAWAYS For Sarah the first thing she thinks about is money. Does the assignment pay well? Are you being attached to a big to a big company who will help get your name out...
Published 01/09/23
It’s the end of the year which means it’s a good time to look back and reflect on the past 12 months and see how you’ve grown and what you could have done better. Today on Thriving Women Artists, Ping, Sarah, and Dorien will be talking through their own year-end considerations and maybe from that, you will be able to use their experiences to make 2023 even better than 2022. KEY TAKEAWAYS Things might work for you now or in the past, but that doesn’t mean that they will work forever. For...
Published 12/26/22
Today Sarah, Ping, and Dorien will be giving you 6 insights that helped them grow as artists that will hopefully help you as well. From feeling guilty about not working every weekday morning to keeping your artistic mind fresh and ready to go when inspiration strikes, the Thriving Women Artists are here to share advice to help one stroke at a time.   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Being an artist is a lifestyle. It’s a routine and part of your daily life much like exercising. There isn’t a moment when...
Published 12/12/22
Which is better, traditional analogue art or digital art? That’s the question Sarah, Ping and Dorien are here to discuss. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of both, which kind of projects suit one over the other, and as always there will be helpful tips from the trio for those who make their art digitally and those who prefer to make it traditionally.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Sarah works traditionally but uses digital tools to make corrections if she gets feedback from the publisher. This...
Published 11/28/22
Which is a better way to learn, going to art school or self-teaching? Does one make you a better artist than the other? Is there a right way to learn how to be an artist? These are some of the topics that Ping, Sarah, and Dorien will be tackling this week on Thriving Women Artists as they look at the advantages and disadvantages of being self-taught vs going to art school. KEY TAKEAWAYS Art school isn’t this one place that you go to and learn everything. Every art school is different and...
Published 11/14/22
Today, Ping, Sarah, and Dorien will be giving you six super useful tips on how you can let go of the things that don’t serve you or your art anymore. By getting rid of the things that don’t work for you anymore, you have room to bring in something new that might help you grow as an artist and as a person.   KEY TAKEAWAYS The first thing you need to do is acknowledge that there are things that don’t serve you anymore and keep you from doing the things that will serve you. You can only let...
Published 10/31/22
How do I make sure I’m getting paid as an artist and how do I ensure my work isn’t used without my permission? These are just some of the questions posed by you the listener to Ping, Sarah, and Dorien which they will be answering on today’s Thriving Women Artists podcast. Listen in to find some great advice for artists from three women who have been there and done it. KEY TAKEAWAYS When someone commissions you to do work, within the contract there should be stated the scope of the work....
Published 10/17/22