Getting Rid of Excuses
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Why do we have excuses? When you really think about it, the excuse is usually there before we even start working, there is no real reason we shouldn’t do it, we just don’t want to. Excuses are the topic of conversation this week on Thriving Women Artists. Join Ping, Sarah, and Dorien as they discuss why they make excuses and how you can get rid of them to focus on your work. KEY TAKEAWAYS One of the biggest reasons for making excuses is anxiety. We don’t want to start something because if we start it then there’s a chance we might fail. Envisioning what she wants to get done beforehand helps Ping overcome making excuses for not working. When you know your excuses are just trying to stop you working because you might fail or be overwhelmed, you should challenge those thoughts, remember that even if it’s not perfect, it’s part of the process and you have learned something. Procrastination is just one form of making excuses. Making excuses for too long can make you angry and frustrated and that just ends up being counterproductive. It’s good to speak out loud about your goals. Having other people who know what you need to be doing makes you accountable. BEST MOMENTS ‘The project starts way before the artwork’ ‘The only way to get better is by doing it’ ‘You need to have accountability’ ‘Accountability to myself is the most important’ ABOUT THE PODCAST A serious and fun podcast for female creatives hosted by Ping, Dorien and Sarah, three happy artists from Amsterdam.  This podcast will inspire you to make a living out of your art. We welcome you to be part of this community of like-minded people. ABOUT THE HOSTS Ping He Ping is a watercolor artist. Her work is inspired by nature and her motherhood experience. She develops her greeting cards brand and teaches Botanical Illustration courses online and offline. [email protected] Sarah van Dongen Sarah is a children’s book illustrator and visual artist. She takes her sketchbooks and art supplies everywhere, which results in illustrations based on observation and daily life. [email protected] Dorien Bellaar: Dorien is an illustration artist. Her work is mainly focused on illustration for children, editorial/food illustration, hand lettering, and she likes to combine those into both traditional and digital art. [email protected] See for privacy information.
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