When is The Right Time to Take The Next Step in Your Art Career
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Everybody is at a different stage in their art career, even if you haven't started yet or have been doing it for years, there is a next step you can take. But how do we know when it’s the right time to take that leap forward? This week the Thriving Women Artists Ping, Sarah, and Dorien will be telling you all about when they took steps in their careers, what steps they were, and why they took them when they did.
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Today on the podcast Ping, Sarah, and Dorien will be answering questions from you the listeners around the topic of children’s books. How do you get into it? Do you work with self-published authors or art directors etc? If you’ve ever wanted to know more about what goes into illustrating a...
Published 10/02/22
Inspiration is a good thing, but you can also get lost in it. We’ve all had that problem of finding a new Instagram page we like and just scrolling and scrolling. This week on Thriving Women Artists, Sarah, Ping, and Dorien will be discussing what to do when inspiration becomes a distraction, and...
Published 09/18/22
Published 09/18/22