7 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Work Fresh
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As the artist you see your work more than anyone else and because you see it so often, it can sometimes feel like it’s becoming stale. So how do we make sure that our art remains fresh and we stay engaged and motivated to work on it? If you’re asking that question then you’re in luck because Ping, Sarah, and Dorien have 7 tips and pieces of advice you can use to keep your work fresh.
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Published 05/28/23
This week, Dorien is missing, but don’t worry Sarah and Ping are here and they’re going to get personal. This week, the ladies are going to give you an insight into their lives but not the exciting projects they are currently working on, instead they are going to talk about their personal lives...
Published 05/14/23
Sarah and Ping are joined by Ema Malyauka, a self taught children's book illustrator, whose Belarusian surname translates to ‘drawing’. Ema discusses her creative process, sharing invaluable advice for young artists, and her journey as a self taught artist from knowing nothing about the industry...
Published 05/01/23