The Social Report with Taylor Lorenz
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Throwing Fits: All the news that’s fit to pod. Zoomers, lock in because this week the boys are duetting with a true citizen of humanity, New York Times Internet culture reporter Taylor Lorenz. Taylor is tapping in to jam on TikTok getting banned, digital subcultures, eBoy fashion, insufferable influencers, merch, Reels, social media’s longterm effect on our brains, trash men in tech, Mark Zuckerberg's juicy cheeks and much more on this extremely online episode of The Only Podcast That Matters™. Throwing Fits x Grailed: For more Throwing Fits, check us out on Patreon:
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Sometimes the Fit Check is the podcast. That’s how you know it’s good. The Core 4 are back on their b******t, leaving no tangent unexplored and meandering like it’s their goddamn job because, well, it is. From male grooming and supply chain breakdowns to Roomba attempted suicide and Yohji...
Published 09/17/20
Get your corn cobs ready! Hell has officially frozen over, which means Throwing Fits is dialing in a signature after dark flyover drone strike with our old pal and fan favorite Nick Grant. Nick is back on the pod against his better judgement to mix it up like only he can, getting extremely...
Published 09/15/20
The entirety of The Core 4 is officially on the wrong side of 25 so now is as good of a time as ever to have a frank conversation about getting our lives back on track. As always, The Only Podcast That Matters™ is ready and willing to have the hard conversations with ourselves and ask the big...
Published 09/10/20