25: PR Advice With Christina Nicholson
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Christina Nicholson is a South Florida blogger, small business owner, (http://mediamavenandmore.com/) and mother of three, blogging in sunny Palm Beach County. Christina All Day is a lifestyle blog written by a former TV reporter and anchor. When she's not working, she loves to get out and about in the Palm Beach area with her kids, explore new things, attend fun events, meet unique people, and try different things. She now owns and operates a full-service public relations firm (http://mediamavenandmore.com/) in Wellington and it’s her job to get brands featured in the media. Christina also is a video producer, writer, photographer, on-air and event host, spokesperson, and social media manager. This episode of Time Out With Terra, Christina talks about public relations and a little of what you should do to build your brand. She also talks about how she met her husband along with balancing out kids with work! Tune into this episode!  Christina's Social Linkas.. https://linktr.ee/christinaallday
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